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Our Services.

The standard electrical work we undertake includes consumer units /fuse boards changes, lighting, main bonding, surge protection, smoke alarms, upgrades, PIR’s (periodic inspection and test’s), any electrical work really.  We don’t usually choose to get into price wars with other contractors as our regular customers keep us pretty busy but we are always looking for new, quality customers who require a good service at a fair price.

About Elec-Trick.

Christchurch is right on the edge of the New Forest so area’s local to that are desirable obviously, Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, Lymington, New Milton, Ringwood are all pretty local.  However anywhere up the M27 is fairly accessible.  Portsmouth takes an hour usually.  So bigger value jobs we are happy to travel for.

For some underfloor heating installs or bathrooms I have travelled many miles for, ie Birmingham, London etc

Elec-Trick has had a wealth of experience in the electrical industry mainly but also in many other areas.  In fact with the people and contractors surrounding and associated with E-T, there is not much in the home that cannot be achieved.

Bathroom installs, Kitchens, gas boiler installations, electric heating systems, underfloor heating, roof installation, cavity wall installations, the list goes on.

Of course a small company cannot carry all these services out by internal staff but we have surrounded ourselves with good honest contractors whilst concentrating on electrical systems, PV, solar thermal and bathroom installs.  However a wealth of experience is available by talking to us.

We really have an interest in gaining more good customers who want a good service and are happy to pay fairly and properly for the services they receive.

We are fully NIC EIC approved and thus Part P and also fully insured for all work undertaken so you can be sure in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you are covered

Visual Wiring Assessment.

I have recently decided to offer existing and new customers to opportunity to have a visual wiring assessment.  In many cases this will be free but sometimes will incure a small fee to cover fuel only.  These assessments will be booked in and be done on a first come first serve basis as generally we are intending to take one morning a week to carry these out.  There will be no paperwork given over and this does not substitute a full Periodic Inspection and Test but can highlight the likelyhood of a pass or fail and any obvious dangers.  Please contact us on any of our numbers to discuss if this is a service you would like.  Obviously this is available mainly to fairly local members of the public and businesses.

Surge Protection Devices.

Surge protection is becoming ever more important in the home.  You name a room where there is not £’s worth of electrical equipement just waiting there to be damaged by SURGES.

What is a surge?  Well simply it is where ‘a spike’ occurs for what may be a very short period and these can damage delicate electrical equipement.  Of course solar system are well worth protecting as a new inverter can cost a lot of money but so can a computer let alone the problem of losing the information on it, your washing machine, TV, music machines well everything really.
Now you can go the whole hog and install a lightening protection system as lightening is a main cause of this but they really are expensive and will not protect you against other causes of surge.  A surge can come from local industry and it does not have to be particularly heavy, high usage of certain light fitting can be a cause and it is relatively cheap to deal with.  You can buy loads of the surge protected extension leads but we urge you not to go for the cheap ones as we have been told the have been know to ignite.
For less than you think we can install a device that will protect your whole installation.  Give us a call to find out how little this will cost.