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Solar PV.

With photovoltaic panels guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty to continue producing electricity for at least 20 years and with the economic and regulatory shift towards positive environmental practices, investing in a solar photovoltaic system now could reap benefits for years to come.

With electricity prices likely to rise in time due to supply shortages of fossil fuels, a photovoltaic installation is an investment worth considering for any new build, renovation or retrofit project

How Does Solar PV Work?

Without going to far into the technical aspects of solar PV panels they simply turn light energy into clean electricity.

Although the panels are more effective on sunny days they will still produce electricity on overcast days.

Solar PV panels generate electricity in DC (Direct Current) which is a form of electricity used in batteries using low voltage. High voltage DC is considerably more dangerous than AC although AC electricity is dangerous and it is AC which is commonly used as your household supply.

The DC electricity needs to be converted into the same form of electricity that you use in your household, to do this an inverter is put in place which will synchronise with the grids frequency and feed electricity to your home or back to the grid.

As the electricity is generated it goes through a meter which records how much electricity you have generated, you will receive an income  for every KWh of electricity you generate.

Solar PV Technology.

Solar photo voltaic panels are made up with a number of wafer thin cells connected in series, they are usually laid out in a metallic frame covered in a toughened glass which has been specially treated to not reflect.

The photovoltaic wafer cells are made of layers of silicon which has been treated with a number of different chemicals, the chemicals facilitate the excitement of electrons when exposed to light which in turn creates electricity in DC format.

Accredited MCS Installers.

Take advantage of the new government incentive to earn money when Elec-Trick install solar photovoltaic systems on to your property. As approved installers for NICEIC under the MCS Scheme you know you are in safe hands.

Why Should You Have Solar Panels Installed.

With the new government incentive you can achieve a  far better return from your roof that you will in any investment or savings scheme.  This is also tax free and index linked.  Let us know if you find something better.

Feed In Tariffs.

Feed In Tariffs (FITS) were introduced in 2010 to encourage the public to install cleaner energy generation in or on their properties.  In return for installing such technology (e.g Solar PV) those people will enjoy cash back to help you claw back the upfront costs and then some.

The Feed In Tariffs are dependant on the size and type of installation.

How Does the Renewable Heat Incentive Work?

If you decide to incorporate energy generation into your property and it is installed by an accredited MCS installer you will be eligable for the FITS. As we have said this is an incentive to cover some of the costs incurred and helps Britain achieve the massive reduction in carbon emission that is required.

Elec-Trick as an MCS accredited company enables you to take advantage of the FITS if we install a PV system on your property.

What Might I Earn From The FITS (Feed in Tariffs)?

The FITS depend on the technologies and of course the size of installation.  For a standard installation of a PV system at 3.7kw or less you will get paid for every KWh you generate.  There are other benefits when you use what you have generated.  These figures do change so you should check the absolute figures when having a survey.

Free Telephone Information or Survey.

We are passionate about renewable energy and not just the money that can be made but more importantly the KW hours we can get off our roofs.  If you would like further information please call us and we can arrange a suitable time for all concerned for a survey if required.