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Electric Underfloor Heating.

I supply and fit an electrical system that works excellently in most circumstances. It can be fitted as a retro fit in most environments as it can be fitted even directly beneath carpets.

I also supply and fit many of the other floor coverings such as tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as wooden floors of various kinds.

Underfloor Heating Mats.

The energy efficient ribbon under floor heating mats are ideal for all applications from single rooms to full house heating. As a primary heating source the flat ribbon creates additional space by negating the need for radiators.
The amorphous metal under floor heating is the newest technology on the market which has in turn super ceded other heating technologies. Due to the advanced engineering and robust design the AHT underfloor heating ribbons come with a 15 year warranty compared to 10 years from its nearest rivals.
Installation Capabilities.

The flat ribbon under floor heating is so slim line it can be fitted directly under any floor covering including carpet as a primary heat system.

The flat ribbons are wide and close together meaning that they do not need to heat up to high temperatures, in fact the ribbons can heat a room with working temperatures as low as 26 – 28 degrees.

The AHT heating system can be installed under carpet, laminate, wood, slate, ceramic, stone, vinyl, travetine, etc. as the only heat source.

What Are The Benefits Of The AHT Under Floor Heating System?

– Fits on any subfloor and under any flooring product.
– Heats to optimum temperature in 3 minutes (transfer through floor product varies .. more).
– Primary heating system (no radiators required).
– Easy to install as DIY project (up to electrical connections).
– Easy to control with advanced digital thermostat.
– Low profile reducing floor height build up (1.8mm thick).
– Massive 15 year manufacturer warranty.